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Even though DeMar DeRozan will nearly undoubtedly grow to be a free agent, he maintains his preference would be to  NBA 2k16 mt Coins 
re-sign with the Toronto Raptors.

“That’s one you issue you’ll be able to in no way question: my loyalty towards the city,” DeRozan told host Joey
Vendetta on the Jeff Blair Show. “How considerably I certainly enjoy and appreciate the group and the
organization. I feel each of the fans fully understand that. Quite a bit of instances they don’t understand how
contracts or things like that. But I’ve usually stressed that that is where I would like to be my complete career.

DeRozan was the ninth all round pick inside the 2009 NBA Draft.

“Since Day One in Toronto, I’ve been so prideful with the city and the nation.”

“A new contract is what DeMar is going for and we feel we have a superb shot,” Raptors GM Masai Ujiri mentioned
Thursday evening on Prime Time Sports. “This is his group, this is a group that he knows relatively effectively,
loves the city, is well-loved here, and we are able to present him a year added. One can find so many items, so we
feel comfy.”
33, LeBron James believes Andrew Wiggins will benefit from the Cleveland Cavaliers decision to trade him for Kevin
Like in 2014.

“I think the perfect point about it can be he’s finding an chance. He does not must wait within the shadows for
anyone,” James told Yahoo. “He’s receiving the opportunity to play and show everybody what he’s capable to
complete, and it is tough since the West has been so thick the [last] few years; there’s not a great deal of space
to win a bunch of a games. But I feel for him, the sky might be the limit.”

James also explained why he omitted Wiggins from his Sports Illustrated letter.

“I didn’t know the kid, honestly,” James told Yahoo Sports. “I knew Dion (Waiters). I knew Kyrie (Irving). I knew
Tristan (Thompson). I knew all of the guys that I was playing with just before. I did not know the kid, so it
wasn’t no large concern to me.”

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