5.4 attribute selection and recasting priority

5.4 attribute selection and recasting priority remains: 7.5% accuracy; 15% accurate; Enough endurance (10/25 is extremely completely different from ordinary/hero different Boss); A maximum of 21250 haste; Familiar with; Dodge/parry. Bear in mind the minimum end dodge/parry equipment and rapid/master equipment is no longer the gap between heaven and earth.

New suit T16:2: when the holy on activation, 75% in the damage will likely be converted into a continuous treatment, the consequence are going to be right at the end of the holy on activation. 4 pieces: when the glory fort reach or exceed 3 layer, the next holy glory not divine energy consumption, and deemed to have sacred energy consumes three layers.

And T15 contrast: 2 pieces: cast glory holy order or eternal fire, you’re going to get an extra 40% possiblity to block, each layer from the divine energy the duration by 5 SEC. 4 pieces: holy saso WoW Gold US, whenever you are being hurt by the similar to 20% of life value, will get a layer of sacred energy.

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