An update worth buying for

Here’s the deal, it appears to be these are thinking about setting up a different area to us call the Walk of Cheap FFXIV Gil. This thing sounds truly awesome, if greater than a little strenuous.

Basically, the slide plays out as being a graduated arena battle. You enter the spot, and start moving up the ladder the ranks by fighting progressively difficult monsters. Kind of like the Fanatic’s tower in FFVI, for anybody who remember fondly the classics.

There isn’t any word yet about what the particular critters you’ll face are going to be, nevertheless , you can be sure which they will not be easy. And this will get really ugly of all time over, too. This is why the minimum level is 70, and you’ve got to possess completed the Cait Sith mission in WotG.

Now the truly cool much of this may be the method that they’re distributing the loot. There is the possiblity to cast lots around the different things that drop, meaning there is a great chance of getting some awesome stuff while not having to hope who’s randomly assigns it to your account. Plus, for anyone who is dealing with a great team and also you get the monster in a certain time limit, you are able to get a treasure chest with something uber cool from it. They still won’t say what, but that sort of prize is actually worthwhile. Of course, there exists a catch. You’ll be able to usually the treasure in case your contribution towards the whole fight was “deemed satisfactoryā€¯. That can help reduce those punks who sit device and don’t execute a darn thing as you move the remainder of you are receiving eaten alive. This will really come in handy for an additional Cheap FFXI Gil.

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