Broadcast go on Vorago and revelations via rs 2007 gold

This week, the mighty armed forces what Vorago unlock its fourth group of special attacks all of which will use his terrible green bomb! Vorago changing group of attacks hebdomadally, and this will make use of the new sequence after week with Vitalis, then prepare a hard fight!

Additionally, fans of breaking giant rocks will receive a special live broadcast dedicated to Vorago Thursday at 18h BST. Mod Chris L, Mod Mod Oliver Ryan and you may reveal a whole new method to fight Vorago, then tend not to miss this broadcast under any circumstances!

Watch the video go on the 2007 Runescape Gold website via And to top it off, we are going to also organize a contest for fans Vorago. We should see videos of your epic battles contrary to the bosses boss! Your competition will include three different categories:

To be the first one to read more about these categories and great prizes to win rs 2007 gold, don’t miss the live broadcast this Thursday!

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