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Welcome you Buy Fifa Coins with cheapest price and best services online saling !The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) will hold a seminar for football match observers on October
26th and 27th in the hotel Hills, Ilidza.

35 UEFA observers from 22 national associations happen to be invited, whereas FFBIH might be represented by Elmir Pilav
and Rusmir Mrkovic.

A draw for the Bosnia and Herzegovina Cup 1/8th finals in senior female and futsal categories was made right now
in Sarajevo, and right here will be the outcomes:

Futsal teams (November 5th and 6th, 18:00 hours):
Brotnjo vs. Sofi?, Nevesinje vs. Tango, Salines vs. Centar, Mostar SG Staklorad vs. Vele? Mostar SG, Br?ko
Zdravlje vs. Zrinjski, Bosna Kompred vs. Leotar, Jahorina vs. Seljak, ?elinac vs. Kaskada;

Women’s senior teams (November 2nd, 13:00 hours):
Lokomotiva Br?ko vs. Banja Luka, ?elik Doboj vs. ?elik Zenica, Sloga Petrovo vs. Borac Jelah, Predstavnik NS FBiH
vs. Mladost Nevi? Polje, Mladost Poljavnice vs. Modri?a, Mladost Rogatica vs. SFK 2000 Sarajevo, Emina vs. Iskra
Bugojno, Gradina vs. Radnik Bumerang;

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