Cheap Fifa Coins Martinez was unhappy with Everton’s defensive display

"In training during the week we worked on defensive corners and free-kicks, so imagine how happy I am with the result of our work,Cheap Fifa Coins," he added. "I may as well have stayed at home with my wife and kids. It’s possible to have lots of goals, but we make defensive mistakes."

Martinez was unhappy with Everton’s defensive display, although he felt it was a mind-set issue rather than the players themselves that were to blame.

"It’s not the technicality, it’s the feeling," Martinez said. "I wouldn’t be too worried about it because of the opposition. But it highlights the goals we conceded in the previous two games. The balance is right, I thought our attacking play was phenomenal. If you look at the chances we had I think you would be surprised.

"But we need to be a bit more positive at what we are good at defensively. We have over a thousand appearances in that back four and the goalkeeper. It’s not the personnel, we need to focus and get back to basics and start building games with a solid outlook which hasn’t been there."

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