determined by the squad’ performance

It is just a basic requirement in certain tournaments and matchmaking.

Finding out how wella player is, attributes are another criteria. With the exception of the six main attributes, pace, shots, pass, dribble, defense and head, others should keep in mind, too. Taking the goalkeeper cards as examples, just as one exception, all of the stats of GK cards are determined by the squad’ performance.

Each attribute incorporates a range between 1 to 99 written around the cards. Relying on gamers playing styles, formations plus the attributes will be competent to select players which can be better in most particular attributes. If gamers become accustomed to apply crossing for heading, will probably be proper to get a striker with great heading.

Just bear the entire ratings and attributes in your mind when pick players to construct FUT 14 squad, which help things more with less and earn more Fifa Coins.

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