EA Official Release FIFA 14 Theme Handles

EA Sports recently announced a new Xbox 360 and PS3 controller, is anticipated to launch next month. To EA Sports’ “FIFA 14″ as the theme, EA said the brand new game handle for Buy Fifa 14 Coins the Sporting activities, especially the much-anticipated “Cheap FIFA 14 Coins“. According to EA, the newest handle with customizable SmartTrack technology.

Allowing the participant to mediation has obtained a better rocker operation and precision, amongst players, players from the technology are able to obtain better precise shot, along with the more superior control experience. Week of “grand larceny auto 5″ title know there is no suspense, but yesterday the FIFA 14 received high praise, most media sales have remained stable. Didn’t expect the FIFA 14 so soon will beating the “grand theft auto 5″, had become the British game sales list the other day. But it’s starting sales still compared to FIFA 13 behind most of last year.

British list Chart – Track speculate which may be because if the previous purchases of grand larceny auto 5 players too concentrated, bringing about buy last week FIFA 14 Coins players relatively more. Also the FIFA 14 never transcend the FIFA 13 another big reason can be many players are expecting next generation console versions.

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