EA Sporting activities have gone all in for FIFA 18 after ‘playing the idea safe’ last year

EA Sporting activities “played it safe” using FIFA 18 but desire to deliver a significantly improved merchandise 12 months on.

Indeed, send out vice president Patrick Söderlund thinks FIFA 18 “looks a great deal better and plays better” than previously.

The game is set to introduction in the UK on September 30 and will again be power by the Frostbite technology which has been introduced for FIFA 18.

Soderland says EA were not able to take risks with the brand-new engine when developing very last year’s game, but have at this point gone “all in” to generate a noticeably improved product.

Söderlund told Gamereactor: “Last season we got FIFA on to Frozen for the first time. This year we’ll start to see the second version of it about Frostbite which, you’ll view, looks a lot better, plays better, and is more of a complete alteration from what the game ended up being, which was always going to be the lens case.

“When you move engineering platform like we did about FIFA, you have to balance chance vs reward, and you have to be sure the game actually works and that you seldom screw things up that were good at the previous generation, but still boost.

“So we had to play the idea a little bit safe with very last year’s game, FIFA 18, and with FIFA 18 this current year we can go all in, and you could see it. You can see the game appears to be better, plays better, we have access to been able to take more chance and push the serp harder, which I hope everyone is going to see. ”This is a official site-mmo4pal Co.,Ltd in progress, and we’ll update it with more information about FIFA 18 as we get it.  we also provide the cheap and fast Fifa Ultimate Team Coins .

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