EA Sports Launched Website Reward for FIFA Fans and The first day Patch

Long wait for the most anticipated football video gaming FIFA 14 may be finally over. Temporarily for North American fans; sit back; fans in other regions have to wait for another three days. EA Sports has announced that to Buy FIFA 14 Coins has become available in shops across North America so that as searching for download on Origin for Xbox, PlayStation 3, Windows PC and PlayStation Vita. Also, a mobile version with the game is usually available like a free download on iPhone, iPad, ipod itouch, and Android devices.

Similar to the launch on the latest iteration, EA Sports makes FIFA page of the company’s website look fresh. For celebrating the production in the new title of FIFA game series along with attracting more gamers, EA Sports hypes FIFA 14 in the ingenious method in which FIAF fan are able to gain rewards for doing things on the EA Sports websites, which welcomes general fans to get familiar with.

How can we obtain the rewards? One of the ways is to download wallpapers. We’ve been informed that there’d be considered a a number of customized wallpapers readily available for download as with the launch of FIFA 14, that’s created for distinctive leagues or teams when EA sports announced the partnership with numerous leagues and clubs. That’s it. Besides, it will be possible to be rewarded for anyone who is ready to share stuff for your social networks. Then of course you’ll be rewarded for watching trailers etc., there is however no new content here, therefore the type of people who are using the web page could have already seen these videos and articles many times. Well, it requires to say it’s going to be somewhat odd and forced to download the wallpapers you won’t appreciate or sharing something privately-owned.

Though EA Sports does not mean you must do so, for banking credits that is spent eventually when the Fan Rewards store opens fans seems not have other choices anyway. Here’s the thing to remind, whether these goodies are going to be useful in game or even in fact be a bit of good by any means remains to appear.

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