FFXIV Lightning and PVP to Halloween

Square Enix has produced known a little ‘ of news regarding the near final fantasy xiv gil future and a – little- less – next FFXIV Gil: a Realm Reborn . The very first change concerns the approach of Halloween , so when often occur in MMORPGs it will have a themed event : from October 18 until November 1, along with the streets of Eorzea are going to be decorated with pumpkins and lanterns, for you will be numerous quests specially created – halloween ?

As of 21 October will probably be also activated the ” customize the world” , that may allow you to transfer your character from a single server to a different , so riunirivi along with your friends within the same lands .

Then this month of November is going to be collaboration with Lihgtning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: in conjunction with the launch in the third chapter with the Japanese FFXIII , Lightning will make its appearance for the MMORPG to get a special combination of quests which award will probably be made ??of the weapons as well as the ‘ equipment on the legendary heroine – or Snow , for that male characters .

Finally, through the winter will in the end be possible to challenge other players in the world of the den in the Wolves , that is previewed within this movie generated for the TGS2013.

Final Fantasy XIV : a Realm Reborn and helpful, PC and PS3 – here is our review . The MMORPG is also provided on PS4 , having a beta due to start taking February 22 .

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