FIFA 14 Latest Patch Heads to Xbox 360 elite for Addressing Headers

The most anticipated EA Sports’ latest title of football video game Fifa 14 Coins was finally released worldwide last month. From the initial two weeks on the launch, FIFA 14 occupied the first place in britain charts twice knocking RockStar’s Grand Theft Auto 5 journey the top charts to second place. Moreover, because the inception of the FIFA franchise in 1993, it’s got generated an impressive $6 billion, so that it is the greatest-selling series in EA Sports’ history.

EA Sports’ FIFA franchise is numerous people’s entertainment for many these years. Specially the previous iteration FIFA 13, holding the best selling game in 43 countries world wide the week it launched, and this can be taken because peak in the FIFA series since its initiation.

However, EA Sports release virtually the same game of FIFA on a yearly basis and it also obviously sees the same kind of glitches, bugged, lags and disconnects fest, which launched a good sized quantities of fans worldwide raging.

Among the players said: “My experience recently involved me needing some point for promotion in Ultimate Team mode with ONE game left, winning the subsequent THREE games and receiving no points no coins. Oh but turn the console off and try again and glory be, the actual result was counted, essential I lost the game.”

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