FIFA 14 PC Version Screen Contrast Comment

Cheap FIFA 14 Coins” finally cracked, small series happen to be previously done on a very detailed evaluation from the motherboard (click to enter before Comment), next the PC version is pretty motherboard no difference in terms of content, then we have a look at What are the differences, right the screen.

Whether live or on my pc version of FIFA in the above picture settings are not very complicated, to ensure that inside the configuration usually are not very demanding. The FIFA screen as compared to its predecessor also wouldn’t significantly improved. But stylish compact interface is actually great.

“FIFA14″ PC version on the advantages, decreasing is the resolution of and antialiasing , and aside these actually little difference. Also when compared to “live football ” , although this time the engine have not changed, however incorporates a unique advantage – Ambient Occlusion . EA within the Cheap FIFA 14 Coins¬†engine above incorporates a very visionary ideas.

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