Final Fantasy XIV balancing, Housing and satisfaction

The creators of Cheap FFXIV Gil: A Realm Reborn answered numerous questions about balancing the characteristics of Housings, go on to performance improvements also to efforts against bots and gold farmers inside live stream.

The live stream of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm, the developers answered questions again many players Housing and gratification, along with balancing the gold selling vacation. Meantime over 1.5 million users scoring MMORPG to become manufactured in future also changes on the warrior and also the Dragoon. But generally should experience average loss adjustment on all jobs. “I will naturally keep adjust, making sure that each job is in any position to make a proper contribution. Broadly speaking all jobs must be equally useful,” it says from the Livestream.

The developers also brought their effort to state to halt the employment of bots and announced to implement an anti-cheat system into play. Recently many accounts were banned for fraud. The developers indicate future will continue to hack upon fraud: “We are going to retain this setting our iron plus the longer term to improve our Special Task Force.”

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