Final Fantasy XIV Past and Present

Final Fantasy is a Japan game companies Square Enix’s classic number of classic game series from Cheap FFXIV Gil┬áto date, the overall game is now through greater than two decades. However, such a classic game, but, at its 14th generation falls a big fall, final fantasy 14 failure seriously undermines the reputation of final fantasy, and Tian YangYi, talking about once the game had such a helpless position. However four years after final fantasy XIV meet once more with a brand new look while using player.

September 30, 2010, enveloped from the aura with the Final Fantasy XIV formally served on the operator, but this appears to be the start of a tale , Final Fantasy and the player with Square Enix’s opened a large joke .

With on-line comes not praise the members , players plus the media criticized the contrary completely drowned the sound Final Fantasy two decades of defacto standard, a large , beautiful, as well as the failure around the world” relentless media such evaluation .

Faced with many different complaints, Square Enix pleading media, mouth mercy, and actively create a a number of FFXIV Gil. However, because of Final Fantasy XIV deficiencies, problems carry on and burst, the official cannot save cannot affect the nature with the game, you a massive loss.

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