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Join U.S. for ‘FIWC Fridays’ about the official FIFA 14 Coins for sale Interactive tournament Facebook page. each weekday, from twenty-five Oct to six December, we’ll be posting a FIWC-related question on our Facebook page. To get in the FIWC Fridays Contest simply post your answer by going a comment below the competition post.

You could have twenty four hours on the time with the initial FIWC post to enter the ‘FIWC Fridays’ contest. After the competition point in time is reached can pick numerous the easiest, most inventive and original entries. The shortlisted entries can move into a random prize draw and a couple of lucky gamers can every win be sure you transfer code for FIFA 14! The transfer codes can be saved for the PlayStation? Network for a full operating version of everyone’s favorite virtual contact sport.

It is possible to solely submit one entry for each and every FIWC Fridays contest, however it is possible to input as many of the FIWC weekday contests as you’d would prefer to. scan the ‘FIWC Fridays’ Facebook Contest: Stipulations.

Have you got what can be done becoming a FIFA tournament Champion? be a part of U.S. for ‘FIWC weekdays’ on Facebook! Win one in all of the Friday contests, win the adventure, jump into FIWC 2014 and score your on account of the Grand Final!

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