For being saved for the future update:07 Rs Gold

For being saved for the future update:07 Rs Gold

There’s a strong chance (however , not definite) that there will be the next update focused on the elves. We are reserving this bigger jobs for your.

More interactible elves and environments, giving the impression of an living, breathing city
Allow entry to the Tower of Voices balcony

Permit the player to share with non-elf characters about Seren
Voiceover to get added to Seren in the Tower of Voices

Tower chimes for being included with the highest of the clan towers, much like the style documents
Allow players to sit down on benches inside the city

Finishing Morvran’s slayer challenge to give a new player one free change of the Max Guild boss portal
 Permanent dark crystals to get awarded from Morvran’s slayer challenge

A much better selection of Most Wanted cards to become added to Rush of Blood
Investigating the diagonal bridge inside the Crwys area to raise routefinding

More amenities to be put into the Max Guild, including an altar, obelisk and decanter
Puro Puro teleport on the crop circle to be included in the skill portals in the Max Guild
 Post-statue dialogue with Rhiannon

Seren spells and prayers, per the gamer Power poll
Add an alternative solution ‘elf smuggler’ to Daemonheim, which will sell complete potions and portents in a high price

Agility poses to be potential rest overrides
Keybinds included with the serenity poles
Crystal armour!

 Investigate the possibility that combat¬†¬†rocks could be inclined to the ball player based on the style there’re using, not the form of the creature these are fighting

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