Free vs. Paid accounts

Free vs. Paid accounts

A new option has been implemented to allow players to opt out of playing with free-to-play users on basic unverified accounts. In an interesting move, free players can upgrade their accounts to fully verified status by either buying an item with gold coins (only purchasable with World of Warcraft Gold cash) or playing enough to reach a certain amount of play time.

This keeps a gating mechanism in place that ensures games arent ruined by trolls on new accounts who havent invested anything in the game and so dont fear banning. Verified players still have to buy heroes they want to use or be limited by the weekly rotation, while legacy accounts will always have all heroes for free.

In addition to the free-to-play conversion, this week sees the release of two new heroes.The combo-based Monkey King has gone live, and so r indications are that hes ridiculously fun to play. Alcoholic brawlerthe Drunken Master also makes his debut appearance, with the interesting ability to actively dodge projectile attacks by staggering and stack health regeneration and damage buffs on himself by drinking.

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