Get Golden Lotus Reputation in 5.4

Although some may mourn the loss of the Golden Lotus dailies, I’d been happy in order to avoid each of the cheap wow gold. When I hit 90 while on an alt, it took around 3-5 hours and, by battlegrounds and honor epics, purchased and crafted gear, I made iLvl 460 and entered LFR. A couple of drops later along with a the barrens weekly for a latent piece, as well the 502 boots for lugging that fat panda up a hill and i also was at 470 and in the next stage of LFR. At the end of any week I had been 480 and running ToT and doing heroic scenarios, another day or two and I’m sitting at iLvL 500. No dailies with out rep naturally, except the ToT faction.

I did the dailies before on 3 other toons plus it was great in order to ignore them at least as well as the process was so easy, I ‘m noticed that you bring my mage up from 85 and did 85-86 in several hours after slapping on some 415 gear. I became also surprised once i entered a battleground at 85 to discover myself between level 89s, that has been a tad worrying until I came across that my iLvl have been changed to 450 to the bg and I had no trouble killing enemies. The alt process before was long and laboured, the recent 5.3 changes transform it into a a lot more pleasant experience.

Fastest way to get golden lotus rep now and one’s destiny? Farm warbringers for the rep tokens…. Each token gives 2.2k rep in case you have the guild bonuses (2.4k for humans) per token and each warbringer drops 3 random rep tokens (can be any combo of klaxxi, Golden lotus, Shado-pan and August Celestials. I have about 6 level 85 or lower alts that are leastways revered with those 4 factions and a few which can be exalted. If the character is revered with shado-pan when starting towlong steppes then that character should easily hit exalted while doing quests to level. Same is true of Klaxxi and Dread wastes.

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