In terms of the recovery process

In terms of the recovery process, it’s a fracture that heals quickly, but unfortunately he’ll be in no condition to play next week.” said CBF doctor Rodrigo Lasmar, “ it is not serious in the sense that it requires surgery, but he’s in pain and he’ll need to immobilism it to recover. He’ll have to have it immobilized with a belt for a few weeks to be able to get back to full mobility.”

It is a really sad news for Brazil. They need to think about how to make up for Neymar’s absence. “ We are delighted with the win but sad about this news. It’s all very frustrating. Neymar really looks after himself. He was so excited about the World Cup and he’d helped us so much, we have to get over this and run even harder for him.

Without Neymar, how will the Brazil make up for his absence. The next match will be a hard one. Anyway, Fifa 15 Coins should punish that violent behavior for a fair game.

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