Open Treasure Hunter chests from 07 Rs Gold

Open Treasure Hunter chests from 07 Rs Gold   therefore you could grab one of the all-new, unusal battleships!
Grab a pile of battleship blueprints from Treasure Hunter and use them to gain some construction XP and make a battleship that follows you through Gielinor – should you wander across another individual that has a battleship out, then each of them will fight!

Dependant upon the way you’ve commanded your ship to fight, you’ll either win or lose your struggle.

Win, and you also’ll be showered with awesome construction XP! Lose, and you also’ll still get your XP, but your battleship will sink to the depths of the ocean. Be strategic with your commanding and also you’ll reap the rewards!

Each ship can be set to Accurate, Defensive or Aggressive modes. Much like an activity of rock, paper scissors, Accurate will beat any Defensive ship, any Defensive ship will win against an Aggressive ship and Aggressive ships will annihilate Accurate ships! Make sure you pick your modes carefully if you wish to win!



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