Pet successful conclusion on the King Contest

First Official Pet Battle Contest finally on November 3 officially ended , 1000s of players feel the layers of selection , after experiencing two versions . National dress of the ” pet on the King” will be born – through the blood roar server “Crazy orange” stood within the throne on the king pet ! Inside 11 ‘s fierce confrontation , he throughout , and ultimately won the primary prize had not been easy, but in addition proved which the “pet of the King” to its name .

Within the final, “Crazy orange” encounter opponents from Thunder horn server’s ” Lazy Moe .”First game “Crazy orange ” Using scary boxes , mechanical Panda Drake and Ke Woke combinations before the next city . Then inside second and third set opponents won two games . In a situation behind him adjust the lineup , fourth , fifth inning using the same dwarf Direhorn Long , machinery and Ke Woke Panda Whelp combination with the two cities , and at last won the initial prize .

Today , we now have the honor to interview the superior players , to view how he said it: ” Hello everyone , I was crazy orange . Fortunate to win this competition , you will find three main experience , one of many designs and repeated verification Balm lineup , the second is the scene with the strain as well as the game , the 3rd point , an important will there be are bottles of fine facial cleanser …… usually play Pet Battle more, since each version from 5.1 to learn , PVP5000 achievements have 4000 + , and refueling .

Entirely to promotion, in all honesty they did not be ready to make championship , was mixed with a Zergling holding the mentality to go …… the experience against an opponent after i didn’t do targeted training …… no so-called big trick would be to make a few utilization of their unique handy lineup. The worst is encountered in this field 32 into 16 , the opponent is a lot like asking “We are spiritual teeth” , the opponent in front of a critical hit rate of 90% in the skills MISS , I finally hit a 90% hit rate skills , eventually I poise , Khan is additionally dog-tired …… thrilling final , the very last two , my horn dragon assault all hit 85% , 50% with the halo is additionally triggered , really lucky. Very happy to engage in this competition , learned a lot, and also know a great deal of friends, I’m hoping future versions will surely have such wow gold for sale.

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