Pre Order Your FIFA 15

Though FIFA 15 Coins is not released yet, it is available for pre order on all consoles. It includes two major editions this year you can pre order. The first one is the standard edition, and the second is a new edition called Fut 15 Coins Edition.

The former one will cost you 59.99 dollars, while the latter one costs an extra 10 dollars for a total 69.99 dollars. The pre order bonuses for the standard edition includes 15 free ultimate team packs, and 40 ultimate team packs for the ultimate edition. What’s more, the Adidas All-Star Team, The Adidas Predator collection(five pairs of predator boots) and three new celebrations are included for pre ordering the latter edition. After pre order, you will get Lionel Messi on loan for your first five season games.

The three brand new celebrations include Kiss the Wrist, Stand Tall and Flag Kick. While the Adidas Predator Boot bundle will receiver you pairs of virtual boots from the Predator product line and EA SPORTS Football Club Catalogue. After cheap FIFA Coins, to instantly unlock Historic Kits from classic teams in football history.

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