Runescape 3 is Coming Soon

RS3 is coming soon, more and more Rs Players are paying attention on this game. Before playing, we should know more news and information about Runescape 3. RuneScape 3 is a large collection of features Jagex is currently working on, including improved graphics and audio, customizable interfaces and much more Rs Gold. and more people are tending to !

Contrary to popular belief, RuneScape 3 has been confirmed to be one single, massive update, not a series of content updates that will be added over months of is the best online site for cheap rs gold and Runescape Gold online, it is one better feeling in Rs 3 also!

A side-effect of porting the game to HTML5 is that the game may be playable on other devices in the future, including portable tablets and gaming consoles. Jagex has said this may be possible, assuming the device has the specs to run the game, but it is not something they are trying to accomplish at this time. so if you like it, you will love in the future, all of the rs gold here are cheaper!

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