Runescape : Celebrate ten Years at Runefest 2014

The RuneScape team incorporates a heap of plans to celebrate the game’s tenth day of remembrance at this year’s Runescape 2007 Gold. RuneFest 2011 can happen on weekday twenty ninth and Sunday thirtieth Gregorian calendar month, at the recent revilement in central London.

“Last year’s RuneFest was such an implausible expertise that we have a tendency to merely had to create RuneFest AN annual event. The loyal RuneScape community World Health Organization attended very helped to create the event an enormous success,” commented Mark Gerhard, corporate executive of Jagex. “For RuneFest 2011 we have a tendency to square measure reaching to do everything on a grander scale, build everything larger and even additional action-packed.

Last year’s event very incontestible what an ardent community we’ve. thereupon in mind we’ve afraid down a bigger venue for this year in order that even additional Rs 2007 Gold players are ready to attend! Tickets can sell out quick thus my recommendation to those eager to attend – get your tickets as before long as they’re going on sale and be a part of America for a celebration you’ll always remember.”

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