Team Runefest 3 contest starts today

Ceremony of Rs 3 Gold gnomes (GGVA) RuneFest happens to be the chance to greet the talented video makers locally. However, community members have a wide range of talents, not on a making videos. It really is for this reason that it year, gold gnomes reward lots of feats and be GGA !

Thus, musicians, artists, legends rankings RuneScape and cosplay enthusiasts share takes place while using directors of RuneScape videos and compete to get their hands on among the coveted golden gnomes.

Of surprise or gnomes is going to be awarded in new categories, which is to be unveiled on the same evening, and also the winners of official contest Runefest also provide the opportunity for one of these brilliant statues.

The gallery will host RuneFest finest masterpieces of players you can muster. I will employ a large space that individuals can decorate with your favorite artwork, techniques not hesitate to deliver us your creations that can help us bring some color to RuneFest.

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