to use more their brains to break into

On the author’s little friends Another surprise is the AI, if simple evaluation demo version of AI that is smarter , but additionally become ruthless .

Defender steals and intercept become very vicious. I personally use Manchester City beat Tottenham , when Silva and Sergio Aguero attack once the ball in flight , there will be another little tricks pulled drag , and also a few people to intercept the siege , that makes the offense requires players to use more their brains to break into .

Pole inside attack , when to advise individuals who enjoy playing with the speed from the players , for being calm , relax .

Because in the demo process, I had created 1-pole , I do not really know what graphs the strength or seen to be broken after accelerated great chance to open the minute when you need to shake the ball ended up caught . Benefits and drawbacks of the warmth tips : Acceleration though coquettish , need to be cautious .

The FIFA 14 Coins brings us for the surface a great deal not the same as the last numerous small passion, the entire handling performance continues to be steadily progressing and improved.

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